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Troll Bridge

Designed by: Rocky Heckman
Players: 2 - 5 Ages: 12+ Time: 20-30 Files: RULES  - 

Troll Bridge

In this game you play an intrepid messenger competing against other messengers trying to deliver their messages across a Troll infested bridge. But these aren’t your normal Trolls, that would be boring.

There are two types of Trolls, Ug Trolls, which well, aren’t all that smart and would rather smash the bridge to stop you from crossing than get into any kind of friendly small talk. Then their smarter counterparts, the Trollosophers. They of course, want to strike up a conversation to stop you and you have to answer their questions to pass.

Along the way you can collect treasure to help you deal with the trolls. Such items at the Spear O’ Mint to help you in combat, or the Mirrored Shoes to see what’s hiding in the next space.

The game can be short, 15 to 20 minutes for up to 5 players. Or if you prefer a longer game, simply add bridge sections to extend the fun. Troll Bridge also has a variable level of difficulty, the more Ug Trolls you use, the harder the game because they can make the bridge impassable in places. For an easier game use more Trollosophers for more trivia questions and to ensure the bridge doesn’t collapse.