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Claim Jumpers!

Designed by: JonnyPac
Players: 2 - 5 Ages: 12+ Time: 60 Files:  - 

Claim Jumpers!

A Wild West game with dice selection, tile laying, and territory control

Playing the Game:

At the start of a round all of the dice are rolled together and placed on the action board. Then during your turn you must use a die of your color and a neutral die, one right after the other. Each die you use allows you to take an action, such as build a tile, gain money, move figures, and score. And your own colored die gets you a bonus!

At the heart of the game is Territory control.But you only have a few of your own dudes to hold down the fort... That’s where the wild Claim Jumpers come in! Claim Jumpers take on the colors of the tiles they stand on—but at the price of fewer points when those tiles score. You must risk finding the right balance to take over your opponents’ properties without losing control of your own!

Through careful planning and cunning tactics, can you become the most prosperous pioneer in the West?

· Elegant rules
· Easy setup
· Language independent parts
· Medium Euro game feel
· Hex tile placement (modular board)
· Dice selection with luck mitigation
· Territory control with a fresh twist