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Meeples on Main

Designed by: JonnyPac
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 10+ Time: 45 Files:  - 

Meeples on Main

Mancala meets worker placement in the Wild West!

Playing the game:

Each turn you will take all of the meeples from a building and drop them off one-by-one onto the doorways of other buildings. Next, they enter the buildings, which triggers various effects: Miners draw pieces from the gold mine bag, Robbers steal from the Miners, and Deputies bust the Robbers! Then when the dust has settled, you may acquire a building by seeing if the meeples within it meet the certain requirements… If not, you can always use your money to pay the difference.

As the meeples make the rounds and cross the street, some draw their guns. A shootout will happen once there are two meeples facing off on either end of town. Will they survive? I guess you’ll find out! When 6 meeples fill the graveyard, the game ends (or when all of the gold bars have been taken from the bank). The player with the most points wins!

· Elegant rules
· Easy Setup
· Language independent parts
· Mancala inspired board and piece movement
· Euro style Worker Placement
· Low luck factor
· Highly interactive with many possible strategies