Dr. Potamus' Incredible Escape

Designed by: Andrew Stackhouse
Players: 2 - 6 Ages: 6+ Time: 20-60 minutes Files: RULES  - 

Dr. Potamus

Ever since the eccentric billionaire bought the zoo, life has been miserable for your and the other animals: he banned guests, fired the staff, and now the robots running the place are out of control. Luckily, Dr. Potamos, the genius Hippo, has a plan: You and the other Animals need to work together to Explore the zoo, Ransack buildings, and bring the Parts you find to Dr. Potamos' Workshop so she can assemble an Incredible Machine to escape the zoo. Just be careful the Keepers don't catch you!

Dr. Potamos' Incredible Escape is a Cooperative tile-flipping game for 2-6 players. Thanks to a map that changes every game, Keepers that follow a simple path mechanism to "chase" their animals through the zoo, asymmetric character traits, and a wide variety of different parts with which to build the Incredible Machine, the game plays differently every time you sit down. Basic and Advanced rules mean that the game is challenging for seasoned veterans as it is for young families. Furthermore, Dr. Potamos' offers a unique gaming experience that begins as a coop, but as players get caught, it becomes a competitive two-team game, where everyone plays to the finish.