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Dr. Potamus' Incredible Escape

Designed by: Andrew Stackhouse
Players: 2 - 6 Ages: 6+ Time: 20-60 minutes Files: RULES  - 

Dr. Potamus

Life at the Zoo took a turn for the worse when the Billionaire took over and put robots in charge.
Luckily, the Hippo is a genius... and she has a plan.
Help Dr. Potamus build an incredible machine to escape from the Zoo! Explore the Zoo, Ransack buildings, and bring her the Parts you find without getting caught by the robot Keepers.
• Explore the zoo
• Cooperate with the other animals using your special traits and helpful zoo features
• Careful: Alarms make the keepers faster
• Build an incredible machine then try to make your escape
• Also: strategic pooping

Feedback Averages

The below numbers are the average scores, rated by the feedback forms collected.

3/5 game length
4/5 learning ease
3/5 decisions
4/5 downtime
4/5 interactivity
3/5 originality
3/5 fun

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