Prohibition (2017)

Designed by: Andrew Stackhouse
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 12+ Time: 75-120 minutes Files: RULES  - 

Prohibition (2017)

You are the leader of a Gang in New York at the dawn of Prohibition, the Constitutional ban on the sale or transportation of alcoholic beverages. Your job is to increase the Prestige of your Gang by expanding your Turf and completing devious Schemes. The gang with the most prestige at the end of the game will earn a seat at the Atlantic City Conference and form the syndicate that would control the underworld for the next 40 years

Gaining prestige will require stacking up Gs that you can “earn” through Extortion and bootlegging: the illegal production, importation, and sale of Booze

Gangs competing for turf, and control of the bootlegging market will invariably engage in Conflict. This will require recruiting a reliable force of Goons to do your bidding and protect your Stash. If you are sharp, you will use devious Tactics to help your cause… or hurt your opponents.

However, everything you do will generate Heat. The more heat you generate, the more often, and more severely, the Feds will intervene against you. You may have to spend some of your Stash generating goodwill among the people you terrorize to make them happy, and reduce your heat. In a pinch, you can always Bribe the corrupt Feds, and pay them off to look the other way

Good luck!