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Islands in the Sky

Designed by: Andrew Lenox
Players: 2 - 5 Ages: 8+ Time: 90 Files:  - 

Islands in the Sky

All hope for finding a trade route to India was lost when the Queens ships sailed off the edge of the world. Those who abandoned ship claimed they saw floating islands across the wide expanse of sky. The only thing left to do was outfit the next expedition with flying ships, and set sail for the new floating world!

Islands in the Sky is a game of exploration where each new island you discover and explore contains vast riches. Players roll dice to determine what islands and action cards are available to them that round, and which they can explore. Players place their ships on new islands, their explorers on new regions, and use the abilities on those cards to control islands for points.

Islands in the sky includes a modular board of dozens of different actions and regions, each with its own unique ability. An island's unique ability then combine with abilities on each region and action to provide endless combinations to explore.