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Chopping Block

Designed by: Judah Kalb
Players: 4 - 6 Ages: 12+ Time: 30 minutes Files:  - 

Chopping Block

In this alternate history and geography, the Salem Witch Trials and the French Revolution occurred in the same place at the same time. Needless to say, chaos ensued.

Each player is given a secret identity, one of four. Each identity hates another identity, and players try to win by either eliminating players with the identity their identity hates, or by completing quests.

Each round, players discuss which location they will travel to. Players who travel to a location with no one else present have a variety of options; players at a location with others engage in quests. Once an identity wins three quests, all players with that identity win. Alternately, players may unanimously vote to end the hysteria, in which case each player who hates no identities in play wins.