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For Greed or Glory

Designed by: Marcel Perro and Kurt Evans
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 12+ Time: 60-90 mins Files:  - 

For Greed or Glory

For Greed or Glory is a strategy game incorporating elements of economy and modern warfare. Each player is the leader of a shadow organization manipulating the world's population to help fulfill their own agendas. Your success or failure is determined by your capacity to recognize the opportunities as they present themselves and exploit the weaknesses of your fellow players.

Each turn, players attempt to seize control of economic interests, perform military maneuvers and sometimes both. Players manipulate their public image to not only determine where they will move on the board but also how well their armies fight for them. When that isn�t enough, players can bribe their way to where they need to be by twisting the world's media, religion and military forces in their favor.

With a unique circular board that has an outer ring for token movement and resource manipulation, and a world map for the bloodshed and conquering, players will find they have more than one way to play. Will they do it For Greed or Glory?