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Engine Room

Designed by: Matt Arnold
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 10+ Time: 1.5 hours Files:  - 

Engine Room

Players are engineers in the engine room of a Steampunk vehicle, flying, digging, swimming, and rolling across Junkyard World. The journey is represented by drawing slide transparencies ("slides") off a deck (the "Origin deck"), onto a track, and discarding them onto another deck (the "Destination deck"). Each slide which the ship encounters on the track is a machine part laying around in Junkyard World, which the crew could weld onto their vessel by sleeving it into a card in their hand. This gives the card additional instructions. It might also cover up blemishes which, if left uncovered, reduce the crew's collective score.

The crew's collective score increases when they sleeve valuable cargo (green slides) into their cards. But this might cover up useful card instructions.

Some slides are bandits and dumpster fires. While these are on the track, they destroy useful slides on the track. They also inflict negative effects until they are sleeved onto the player's cards, and are worth negative points until other slides are sleeved on top of them.

Players have large tiles depicting the blueprints to legendary inventions. If they assemble a card which matches the exact placement of empty and full instruction spaces, that card gains mighty abilities and is worth a large number of points.

Players cannot win or lose, but attempt to attain the most impressive score that they can.