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8 Arms to Hold You

Designed by: Robert B. Couch
Players: 3 - 5 Ages: 8+ Time: 30 Minutes Files:  - 

8 Arms to Hold You

The satisfying clink of quarters going into the machine. The gentle pressure of your fingers on the control stick. The cold shining chrome. The moment when you press the button and watch the claw descend into the mounds of plush fabric. Your heart skips. Your breathing stops. Will this be the time? Will you win?

Or will you get frustrated and want to jam your arm up the prize return chute? Will you wish that your arms were longer, thinner, and more flexible? I mean, you’ve already pumped $10 into this thing. It’s your turn, right? It’s only fair! If only… if only you were an octopus! You could snake your arm right in there, grab one of those things, and be happy. You’d be so happy! You only need one, right? Just one to be really happy. Well, I mean, two would be better. They’re just so snuggly!

8 Arms to Hold You is a fun mash-up of classic trick taking games combined with exciting cliffhanger style press your luck moments! It's easy to learn and a blast to play with your whole family!