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New Beeginnings

Designed by: Matt Parish
Players: 2 - 6 Ages: 12+ Time: ~15 min / player Files:  - 

New Beeginnings

New Beeginnings is a 2-6 player strategy exploration (4X) game that takes ~15 minutes per player. If you like Hive, Tak, or chess, you'll love this game.

It is Springtime in the local beehive and the queen is ready to swarm with a portion of the hive to seek out and establish a new home. To prepare, she is holding a competition for the hive to see which bees are best fit to go with her. As a player, you take on the role of a team of bees competing in this game. Can you be more efficient than your opponents in collecting resources for the hive, manage new growth, and protecting the from danger and disease? Only the best will get to go with the queen on this new adventure!

Control your team of bees to explore the flower field and collect valuable resources for the hive. Analyze your opponent's moves and strategy to outwit the other teams and fight your way to victory. Take covert actions to accomplish the secret mission assigned to you by the queen herself.