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Estates of Fuiry

Designed by: Joel Sparks
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 13+ Time: 20 minutes Files:  - 

Estates of Fuiry

In this quick-playing card game, nobles fight to claim protectorship of the most lands. Knights lead forays into rival Estates, and Courtiers scheme to steal title to the same lands. Under the rule of the Queen, each player has two seasons to amass the most territory while defending against foes to all sides.

Players draft cards and play simultaneously. Each turn is a choice using multi-purpose cats: Will you build a Castle, or deploy more Knights, or bribe more Courtiers?

Two rounds, Spring and Autumn, resolve conquest and theft of Estates with a quick competition around the table. The Winter's Ball at year's end determines who scores extra favor from the Queen, determined by who took the time to send her flowers during the busy conflicts.