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The Peace of Westphalia

Designed by: Garrett McMillan
Players: 3 - 8 Ages: 12+ Time: 4-6 hours Files:  - 

The Peace of Westphalia

A grand strategy game unlike anything ever before published. Only for the most intense players who enjoy games such as Diplomacy, Axis and Allies, and Dominant Species:

The year is 1515. You are a Prince (or Princess) in the Holy Roman Empire. And shit is about to go down. The Catholic Church is mired in corruption and scandal, and is in for a rough awakening by a young friar named Martin Luther. The ensuing religious struggle will eventually set off the cataclysmic 30 Years War, engulfing the whole of Europe.

Lead your principality through this turbulent time period. Will you attempt to reform the Church from within, or join the Protestants to achieve reform from without? Will you seek ye first the kingdom, or subordinate faith to power politics? Will the Empire come together or be destroyed? Will the One True Faith triumph, or will disunity be entrenched by the Peace of Westphalia?