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Designed by: Doug Clelland
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 8+ Time: 30-60 mins Files:  - 


Will you use your orbs to boost yourself, or to block your opponents?
Can you build that set to play the highest orbital, before someone else does? Reserve orbs for future use when you play an orbital, then pull them out again at the perfect time.

Orb Effects:
Yellow - Draw cards
Green - Bonus play
Purple - Swap orbs
Orange - Steal card
Blue - Replicate orb
Red - Negate orb

Orbs are combined together in order to form orbitals, and it is these orbital points that will win you the game.

But, what if activating that orb's effect will give you the advantage you need to get ahead? Will you be willing to sacrifice that orb in order to use its ability, or save it in case an orbital coming up requires that color? What if another player is going to try and steal your orbs, and you need to stop them? Or will you steal theirs in order to complete your set?

This simple and engaging game for 2-4 players could be enjoyed by anyone ages 8-80, and it will take a little luck and your brainpower to win this one.

First to 100 orbital points wins!