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As Seen in the Sky

Designed by: Jonathan Geruntho
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 8+ Time: 45 min Files:  - 

As Seen in the Sky

You and your fellow midshipmen are fresh recruits on a British frigate heading to the West Indies. As part of your training, you have been tasked with the navigation of the ship. Compete against your peers to see who can guide the ship on the best course.

In As Seen in the Sky, each player must use their skill to reveal stars and gain way to the vessel's destination. As you practice, you will gain skill and learn tricks to outwit your fellow midshipmen. Earn points while revealing stars and if you can, reveal your hidden constellations to give you a step up on the competition. There will be many challenges in your wake before this trip is over, with squalls and seas that will push your limits. Many can learn the trade, but only one of you can expect a promotion. Who will it be?

On your turn, the player will roll a die to see what the current sea conditions are. Then based on the sea state, the player can use talents they have acquired to manipulate tiles in the night sky, move talents around on their player board, lock visible star coordinates in the sky, gain skill for adding talents to their arsenal, or gain course points for getting your ship closer to its destination. Before handing the die to the next player, you can take one visible unlocked tile from the night sky and place it in their play area, paying the skill needed for the placement. The game ends when all the tiles in the sky have been revealed. Players then reveal their completed constellations to gain bonus course points and the player with the highest course points is declared the winner.