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Vel Winter

Designed by: Sergey Kudria
Players: 3 - 5 Ages: 13+ Time: 60-90 MINUTES Files:  - 

Vel Winter

Vel Winter is a tile-drafting engine-building game set in a distant galaxy abandoned after its four suns expired. Players take command of an ancient alien race known as the Vel and conquer the last remnants of civilization.

The game features a dynamic board composed of tiles representing worlds that are removed when conquered. Upon removal each tile grants one of several actions and opens up paths to new tiles, thus creating a constantly-shifting pool of available actions with some being significantly more lucrative than others.

Players work to gather and convert resources, earn VP-granting achievements, and upgrade their own unique player boards and abilities. The winner will be the player that is able to adjust his or her strategy to best take advantage of sudden opportunities and be the best prepared for the game's occasional moments of head-to-head competition.