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Lords of Baseball

Designed by: Robert and Max Jamelli
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 12+ Time: 150 Minutes Files: RULES  - 

Lords of Baseball

Lords of Baseball is a victory point scoring, card driven simulation. It is NOT a 9 inning sim though. You take on the role of organization owner. You need to oversee the Major League team, the Farm System, and Front Office. You need to make shrewd trades, work within a budget, and try to win as many games as possible - all while your opponents are trying to slow you down. You need to slow them down because they're trying to do the same things all in an attempt to score the most victory points.

Maybe the best feedback we've gotten regarding Lords of Baseball came from people who adamantly dislike baseball as a sport. When we've finished playing a demo round of Lords of Baseball we'll ask them again - "Do you like baseball?" to which they reply "Nope". We ask them if they'd be willing to play Lords of Baseball again, and around 95% of them respond "Yes".

It's a cut-throat game disguised with a fun theme.

There are victory points and cubes, but it's no Euro. It's more of a Wareuro game, but really we've struggled in confining it to one genre.

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