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Designed by: Mike Mann
Players: 2 - 6 Ages: 10+ Time: 120 Minutes Files:  - 


Parallax is a game of survival on the planet Mars; our red, barren neighbor in the solar system. You and 1-5 of your friends (that's 2-6 players) are part of the second wave of permanent crew-members to arrive at the very first Martian base, only to find that the previous pioneers have vanished. Now, you all must cooperate to survive a set amount of days in a mysteriously abandoned (and hostile) outpost until a rescue ship can arrive.

To complicate matters, you only have a specific number of days' worth of oxygen, and there is something lurking inside this place with you, something dangerous and unsympathetic.

You and your friends will have to fend off this malevolent entity, while also repairing damages to the compromised and constantly crumbling outpost.

Time is of the essence, as every day you ignore a problem in the facility's infrastructure, you lose one more day's supply of air - and come twenty-four hours closer to suffering the same fate as your predecessors...