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Baron Age

Designed by: Adam P. McIver
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 12+ Time: 60 mins. Files:  - 

Baron Age

"The beloved (but slightly idiosyncratic) King Krinklepot has passed away. In his will, he decreed that his kingdom be left "to the people" - though he did not explain exactly how that would occur. The land's elders scramble to elect a new leader. As an influential baron, you (and many others) have begun to jockey for position and influence."

"Will you be able to claim the crooked crown?"

In Baron Age, players use their supporters (custom dice) to control regions of the capital, gather followers, and sway influential citizens to their side. With a mixture of dice placement, area control, and direct conflict, Baron Age blurs the lines between Eurogame and Ameritrash.

After six rounds, the baron with the most influence will fill the empty throne and rule!