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Mastermind's Workshop

Designed by: David Crihfield
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 13+ Time: 45-90 mins Files:  - 


Each year, Mastermind, the greatest gnome tinkerer, takes on a new apprentice. Becoming this apprentice is a most coveted position for a gnome. You will play as an up-and- coming gnomish tinkerer fighting for your place as Mastermind’s protege at this year’s competition. Mastermind chooses his apprentice each year based on their ability to finish a single task. Your task will be to destroy a steamwork contraption called a Masterbot. Sounds easy enough, but your competitors will try to sabotage you at every turn. Take turns gathering resources and schematics, constructing bots, trying to stop your competition, and fighting to take out Mastermind’s machines.