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Recycling Race

Designed by: Jen Freeman
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 10+ Time: 15-30 minutes Files:  - 

Recycling Race

Trash has been building up in the city for months, the company responsible has disappeared and the owner nowhere to be found. The city wants the waste collected and delivered to the recycling plants and will give a contract to the company that manages to clear the trash the quickest.

Recycling Race is a light but strategic route finding and pick-up and deliver game for 2-4 players taking around 15-30 minutes (<8 minutes per player).

Players move their lorries across the tiles representing the city and collect waste as they go, but they can only collect one of the four types of waste each turn and so choosing the best path is necessary to collect the most waste and lead them to victory.

When players have enough waste they return to the recycling plants on the corners of the map to exchange for points, the first to 10 points wins.

On your turn will you choose to fill up your truck with Bottles? Take a few Newspapers placing yourself near a recycling plant where you can win the game? Use the Roundabout token you collected last turn to rotate a tile and go for some Cans? Or is the best move to use a Stop token to stop an opponent from winning.

PnP is available by contacting @jen_freeman