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What Do You Do?

Designed by: Douglas Caldow
Players: 3 - 8 Ages: 18+ Time: 60 Minutes Files:  - 

What Do You Do?

What Do You Do? is an imaginative storytelling Party Game with battling elements.

Players need to weave a tale with their item cards to get themselves through, out of or win absurd situations and if they have the mental agility, include a reference to a piece of pop culture in their answer. The number and combination of item and reference cards ensures a unique story every time.

'Surprise yourself with your own Maguyver like creativity and ingenuity as you attempt to take down Superman with a banana or bust out of prison with a bottle of lube, and flip off the gods of sanity as you work in a quote from Spongebob while firing your car mounted bazooka. Its your story, make it a good one.'