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Unpub Logo Contest!

Unpub is in dire need of a few new logos, and frankly, no one here at the home office has got the time to put them together. So we put our heads together and came up with a brilliant idea- why not let you do them for us! Here is the deal, we want to have ‘Unpub Designer‘ and ‘Unpub Playtester‘ logos. These would be used for name tags, buttons, the website, emails, possibly shirts, maybe even underpants- you get the picture. We are thinking an emblem kind of thing, but are open to anything. Unless it has a mushroom, as mushrooms are nasty. Without further ado, here are the rules: The logos MUST contain the Unpub logo (provided here). Logos MUST be submitted in full color and 1 color (black, no grey tones). Preferred file types are AI, EPS, and PSD. The logos must ‘match’. As in, look similar so it’s obvious they are the same ‘brand’ but be different enough to tell each other apart. The logos will be placed on blueprint-blue backgrounds, unless you submit something better. Keep the logos kid-friendly (no hidden Little Mermaid ‘Towers’). You do not have to do both logos. Entries should be emailed here (as well as any questions), if they are too large send us a DropBox link to that same address. When submitted your entry(s) please be sure to include your name, mailing address, phone, and email. Also feel free to tell us why you did what you did, what inspired you, etc. Submissions MUST be received by 11:59pm EST, December 31, 2013. Again, you do not have to design both logos. We may choose a different winner for each- or we may choose a single winner who submitted 2 outstanding pieces. Really, it’s up to you. So, to recap maximum of 2 winners, minimum of 1. So that’s it. Though I feel like we’re missing something… umm… hmm. OH! Duh, what’s in it for you! The winner(s) will receive an UNPUb Prize pack, which will include (but may not be limited to) a blog post/highlight of you and your design, design credit on the website, UNPUB shirt, buttons, our eternal respect, and a copy of every game currently released from Dice Hate Me Game (Carnival, Great Heartland hauling, VivaJava, and Compounded) complete with their RARE expansions! Wait… did we just spoil...

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Unpub Designer Registration

Are you a game designer? Do you like having your finger on your content? Do you like to have a place where you can show your fans the latest news and dvelopments on your protoypes? If you answered “yes” to the above, then (I hope you’re sitting down) we got something awesome in store for you! UNPUB DESIGNER ADMINISTRATION!! Sure, it sounds dry and boring, but this puppy is SWEET. If you’re a prototype game designer, and want your game to get the Unpub treatment (registration for events, instant feedback forms, etc) then sign up...

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