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It is with great pride and a little trepidation that I report and our recent shenanigans at Origins are featured on the new State of Games podcast. The podcast isn’t up yet, but it will be soon. Check back for an updated link… or bookmark them and check back in over there. I’m not expecting it until late Monday. While you’re there you should probably check out the Pictorial Overview of Origins. They feature a lot of interesting photos from the Unpub Area at Origins! Games and Grub provided another great Origins recap featuring the Unpub area. Eric’s three part Origins recap is an awesome read (part 1, part 2, part 3!) Fruitless Pursuits contains Jason Tagmire’s great recap which actually includes a picture of the Big Blue Noodle. Something to note, Jason’s Pixel Lincoln which is currently on kickstarter just hit 100% funded. As they say in the business, this is where the fun begins! Check it out and help his dream become a reality! Oh… in case you missed the other Pixel Lincoln news, we’ll be doing a live play of Pixel Lincoln at 5pm EST on Sunday June 24th! Tune in to see how this game plays! Last, but not least, we want to remind you about our Upcoming Unpub Mini at 7th Dimension Games in Jenkintown, PA! The press release is up! The Flyer is available ! The event page is up to date! We’ve got a little under two weeks before this event and we can’t wait! We’ve been play-testing a big game for AEG. We’re about to send out the second one for blind testing. If you’ve signed up for the list, I apologize. I didn’t realize where the sign-ups were being sent. I found it last week and we’ve been getting the ducks in a row. Expect information next week! If you haven’t signed up for the play testing program, get signed up now! We’ll be moving forward very soon! We’re still re-making connections from Origins. If you haven’t heard from me yet, you will. Thanks for all your patience! I am looking forward to working with a lot of new people to grow this program! FINALLY! We MAY be locking down a location for Unpub3 this week! Keep your eyes peeled for great news coming...

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Origins 2012: Unpub Report

We did it friends and supporters. We showed up at Origins and made a unified space for unpublished games and designers to present and play-test their games. We met a lot of fantastic people and played a lot of fantastic games over the three days we opened our area. Here’s a brief recap of what you might have played in Hall D if you found the Blue Noodle. First off the numbers: More than 36 games different unpublished and soon to be published games hit the tables. 9 publishing companies officially participated. around 100 people sat down and played at least 1 unpublished or soon to be published game. Our area was open for 26 hours over three days. The games (not all games will be listed at the current time): From Publishers: Dice Hate Me Games present several of their upcoming games in our Unpub Area after exhibit hall hours. We were one of the few places at Origins where you could get a play of VivaJava: The Coffee Game, Take the Bait and Compounded! Clever Mojo Games presented several upcoming titles including Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge, Forge, Flummox, and the highly anticipated Princes of the Dragon Throne. Their booth in the exhibit hall presented their current titles, but Unpub was the place to go for their future titles! Titans of Industry, the soon to be released title from Gozer Games hit the table twice with designer Brian Lewis at the helm. One of those plays involved the secret six player expansion for the game. Mars Needs Mechanics, Benjamin Rosset’s game that has been part of our program for almost a year, was presented by the designer and supported by it’s publisher Nevermore Games. Nevermore also tested another game in their potential catalog gaining feedback. Some lucky players had a chance to help decide the course of a new game. Exciting! Rise was presented in it’s Giant/Texas sized format. Crash Games, the makers of Rise also presented The Legend of the Lost Dutchman which is up on Kickstarter right now! Diamond K  Games, the publisher of Dragon Valley, presented their new prototype for Meager Kingdom to great success. I’m not sure if CW pulled out any of his other prototypes, things got busy some nights. The designers of Fleet, coming soon from Eagle Gryphon Games presented that title and something new they were working on which I believe is called Space Vikings. Slugfest games brought over and played a new prototype with us. You may know Slugfest as the makers of Red Dragon Inn. I enjoy some of their other titles, and this new game was no exception....

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Unpub At Origins! (Day 2 of Origins Report!)

We are having a blast at Origins! We opened up our Unpub area at around 1:30pm today and I’ve pretty much been here all day. It’s nearly 3:00am on Friday now. What’s happening right now in the Unpub area? Well, Brian Lewis (designer of Titans of Industry being published by Gozer Games) is presenting a new one to two new players. The Dice Hate Me Games team is demo-ing their upcoming release Take The Bait to Darrel, Shawn, TC, and Eric from Games & Grub. Just a few minutes ago I finished a rousing and fun game of Flummox with three new fans. Flummox got three plays today: 2 four player games and a two player game early in the day. What else has been on the table? What major unpublished game hasn’t? Clever Mojo Games has been presenting two titles tonight (not including the awesome Flummox.) Their very next kickstarter game (scheduled to hit in July is Princes of the Dragon Throne.  The company has also been heavily developing a game called Forge. We were lucky to host them tongiht. CW Karstens  (designer/publisher of Dragon Valley) presented a new title he’s been working on, Meager Kingdom which was well received and interesting. Crash Games provided entertainment with Giant Rise and some Legend of the Lost Dutchman, currently on Kickstarter. Pirate Dice (another game currently on Kickstarter) got some play tonight. We had Fast Food Dice, another game by Brian Lewis (designer of Titans of Industry.) which was absolutely gloriously fun! A really winner! Benjamin Rosset presented his game Mars Needs Mechanics, which is set to be published by Nevermore games. I had a chance to play this one again (I played it last August.) I really enjoyed the changes and think it’s awesome game. Also presented was the heavily hyped game States After the Fall. I haven’t had a chance to play it, but I will on Saturday as we”ll be running an unofficial States After the Fall Newbie Scenario Tournament starting at 2pm! We’ll be doing this in conjunction with co-designer Aaron Winkler. The last game I know that hit the table was a game from the upcoming Pink Dwarf label. It’s called Awesome Possum. Apart from the name (which I LOVE,) I know little else…well, besides the fact that the game is designed by Fred Mackenzie. So much fun tonight in Hall D. We’re going to start later tomorrow…. We’ll be in place in Hall D around 7pm (after the exhibit hall closes.) We had a few people early today, but not too many. We’re just going to start a little later on Friday! Thanks Everyone!...

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Recap: Unpub Mini Labyrinth Game Shop May 27, 2012

Washington, DC is our Nation’s Capital (if you happen to live in the United States,) and on Sunday May 27,2012 Washington, DC was home to one of the biggest Unpub events ever! Our wonderful host store for this Unpub Mini was Labyrinth Game Shop, just a couple blocks from the Capital building! They were awesome hosts, tended to everything we need and almost provided us with more players than we could handle. Almost! We had five games in presented at the event. Some awesome first timers and one or two veterans. First up we’ll talk about Atatat! This is a brand new one to the program designed by Charlie Hoopes of HoopCAT Games! I tried to sit down and play this one several times throught the day, but every time there were more players! I was calling it a tile and path laying game, but I think it’s much deeper than that! Players were having a great time with the game and we’ll have some video to put up after Origins. Across from Charlie was Ben Rosset with his newly picked up game Mars Needs Mechanics. The game is to be published from Nevermore Games and saw a lot of interest. At one point the waiting line to play was 3 groups deep! Ben had a lot of activity at the table showing off his newest version of the game, which previously appeared at Unpubs as The Market! The new theme seemed to really ignite people’s imaginations. I’ve enjoyed this one and really liked the new look, but once again I didn’t get to play. One game I did get to play was Top Ten, a neat party game by Danny Goodisman. What really struck me about the game was the strategy to it. Yeah, I’ll call this one a party game with strategy. The big twist in the game is a simple shake-up of the genre, but really rewarding. Where many games encourage you to have different answers than your opponents, Top Ten wants you to have identical answers. Trying to plan your answers so that you score more points is great…but watch out in the later game when your opponents are higher in their scores slow them down by throwing weird answers out! It was really a lot of fun and has great potential! Another fun game with a lot of potential is Meteor! Mike Young’s cooperative real time resource management game (I think I missed a few keywords like non-turn based…) continues to be a hit for me. If yesterday was any indication it will be for you as well! Meteor has been signed by Pandasaurus Games...

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Compounding Success!

Wow. For the second day in a row I get to announce that an Unpub game has found a publisher! I couldn’t be happier! Today I am pleased to announce that Darrell Louder’s Compounded has been picked up by Dice Hate Me Games! Many of you are familiar with the wonderful reviews and pod casts that Dice Hate Me has offered over the years…and their attention to detail and passion for games has definitely shown through as they’ve become publishers of great games like Carnival and VivaJava:The Coffee Game (another Unpub Alumni.) Dice Hate Me Games and Compounded are a great fit and I think we should all be excited about this news. Darrell first created Compounded (in about a week) for the Original Unpub in January of 2011. He’s taken it to lots of the Unpub Minis, Unpub2, and entered it into the game design contest at the 2011 Congress of Gamers. The game has garnered lots of fans over the last year and we’re pleased to have played a major role in the development of this game! More information on the game can be found at Dice Hate Me Games website. You can experience the game at Origins 2012 May 30 through June 3. Compounded will be on display at the Dice Hate Me Games Booth (#809.) More success stories from our network of Unpublished games and designers are coming!  Get involved in the program. Ask me how. Email...

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