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Designer(s): Charlie Hoopes
# of Players: 2-4
Play time: 45-60 mins
Ages: 8+


AtataT is a path-building game played in either 3 or 4 rounds. Players lay planks to create paths between 25 numbered tiles arranged in a 5 x 5 matrix. Players may use any planks (their own or those of other players) to form paths that connect the tiles in their hand. The longer the path between two tiles, the more points it earns. As paths are claimed, tiles are removed from the playing area making it more challenging to plan routes between the remaining tiles. A round ends when either one player connects their last 2 tiles or when removal of tiles makes the matrix unplayable.

AtataT appeared in UnPub Minis at the Labyrinth Game Shop and Games and Stuff , as well as at UnPub 3.

 Check out the Unpub Preview for AtataT!



Author: Darrell Louder

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