Building Better Board games Together

Unpub’s Story

Founded in 2010 by John Moller, The Unpublished Games Network, called Unpub, is the hub for all information regarding the Unpub Network and our events. The network is a growing community of game designers, publishers, players, retailers and artists working towards the creation of new and unique table top games that will keep people entertained for generations to come!  The nucleus of this community is the Maryland/Pennsylvania/Delaware region (the middle of the East Coast in the United States of America), but our reach and membership is steadily growing across the country.  Our hope is to create a stronger community of colleagues and friends in game design while promoting the creative projects of our members and encouraging the improvement of their games through play-testing.

So who is in the Unpub network?

We support the game design and development community by organizing events designed to help unpublished games and their designers receive public play-tests and feedback. These events are open to anyone who wishes to attend and play these games. Players are asked evaluate the games based on their tastes and provide constructive criticism in the form of verbal and written feedback.

Tell me more about these events.

Unpub is low cost/no cost program that relies on participant support to grow. There is no fee to join, no fee to maintain, no fee to participate at most events. All we ask of our participants is that they help the program to grow. It is through passionate support of the Unpub ideals that we have gotten this far, and with your support we will continue to grow further.